Services & Rates

Swedish Massage

In-office rates are below. Please contact me for my in-home rates and availability, thank you.

"The Swedish"

Relaxes, improves circulation, detoxifies.
Swedish massage therapy offers effleurage massage strokes, which are broad and slow massage techniques where there is no deep work or muscle manipulation. Its applied lighter pressure to the skin onto the musle promotes circulation and an overall sense of calm. It reduces tension & stress, improves circulation & lymphatic flow. Recommended for those receiving their first massage or for those who want a more relaxing experience. 
$ 80 / 60 MIN
$100 / 75 MIN
$110 / 90 MIN

"The Combo"
Combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue
Relieves tension, relaxing, improves circulation.
Combination of deeper pressure or lighter pressure as needed. As an experienced massage therapist I will intuitively & through communication with my client, find the right pressure to get the right results. A combination massage offers relaxation as well as getting to those areas that need attention, with more applied pressure and techniques allowing for corrective body mechanics.
$ 90 / 60 MIN
$110 / 75 MIN
$130 / 90 MIN 

"The Deep Tissue"
Deep Tissue Massage
Improves range of motion & tightness; relieves tight muscles
Intensive deep massage using techniques to increase range-of-motion, release adhesions & improve circulation.
$100 / 60 MIN
$125 / 75 MIN
$150 / 90 MIN